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Amsterdam: New Year's Eve

December 30, 20160-January 2, 2017

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Want a place where all your troubles just melt away? A place that is magical and full of life? Then, go to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is a city interwoven with canals. You will continously see boats and ferries passing through the cities waterways. However, this is not the only reason the city keeps calling me (and so many others) back. The way the buildings are constructed and the energetic colors are oh so vivid! Plus ,this environmentally friendly city is so bike friendly that there is no reason to show up with a vehicle. Bike paths are everywhere. You won't find a main street without one.

I have been to this lovely city three times (and am about to go again soon). Twice, I have arrived by car and the third time by train. From where I am in Germany, it is only a 3-4 hour drive; by train it is 50 euros and 6 hours. No matter how you decide to travel to Amsterdam, you will always discover something new to love about the city.

This post is about my most recent time there which was for New Year's Eve. While I was there, I stayed for three nights at the Generator Amsterdam, a hostel in the city centre. I shared a room with three others. Hostels are not terrible...not like that movie you may have heard of (or seen). They offer affordable ways to travel and give you the chance to meet new people. During New Year's Eve, staying at a hostel was the best option available.

It was a 30 minute walk or a 15 minute bike ride to the centre of Amsterdam from my accommodation. It was cold, but it was bearable. I ended up renting a bike during my stay at the hostel to get around the city.

New Year's Eve in Amsterdam is crowded! There are people everywhere. There are people from all over the Earth in one place just getting together to welcome in the new year. The atmosphere is very alive. The only downside was that there was barely any room to move around.

I ended up only staying out till 10pm on New Year's Eve because it was so crowded but there was a party going on in my hostel so I ended up just relaxing there and drinking. Plus, I met some people and ended up chatting up a storm. What was so great about the hostel is that although we were away from the direct city centre, when midnight arrived we all walked out and counted to down and watched the fireworks to welcome in the new year. It was an unforgettable experience.

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