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Dracula's castle

February 8, 2017

· February,Dracula,Romania

I absolutely love snow. Snow immediately makes any place you are feel magical. While I was in Bucharest, I felt as though I was in a winter wonderland. The second day I was there a blizzard (at least what I would consider a blizzard) hit the city. Walking around while winds higher than 20mph and snow flurries hitting your face is not fun. However, being able to go to Dracula’s Castle (Brann’s Castle) made the mile and a half walk departing point absolutely worth it.

I am happy I booked a tour and not a rental car for two reasons:

  1. There are no rules to the road—people literally drive however they want to in Romania. It was worst than Rome
  2. The way the snow was coming down seem unbearable

I booked my trip through Viator and it included a guided tour to Pele’s Castle, Dracula’s Castle, and downtown Brasov. It was an all day excursion, but completely worth every minute.

The tour began with our small group piling into an accommodating van. Our tour guide introduced himself (obviously) and gave us a run down of the tour. We would be on the bus for three hours and arrive at Pele’s Castle. After that we would visit the famous Brann’s Castle and the town of Brasov.

Between the two castles, Pele’s was better. The property was built between 1873 and 1914 for king Carol I. What was neat about it was that it was the world’s first castle fully powered by electricity The castle also appeared to have different themed rooms throughout it, such as a Turkish room full of hookahs and a German room. The castle was much larger than Dracula’s shockingly. Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside.

Our next stop was the famous Dracula’s Castle. As a disclaimer, Dracula does not reside at this castle. It is a myth. Our tour guide explained that there were customers who actually thought they were going to see this famous vampire. It is actually pretty funny. Contrary to what people may think, this castle was much less spectacular. In fact it reminded me much more of a house. The walk you had to endure to get to this castle was quite a workout—it was steep uphill for about five minutes. The best part of Brann’s Castle was the courtyard in the center. It was super cute and petite.

Outside of the castle, there was a small touristy market going on. By that time, it was one o’clock in the afternoon and I was starving. I decided to get this hearty, warm vegetable soup with at least eight pieces of bread. I walked around the souvenir market while sipping my soup and ended up purchasing some postcards, a mug, and a snowglobe.

Our final destination was Brasov. I absolutely fell in love with the town and wish we had more than a few hours to spend there. It was fully of colorful buildings, chic restaurants, and plenty of shops. I ended up eating at this Romanian restaurant called Sengiana and ordered the Transylvanian chicken soup and Brasovean pancakes. It was a filling meal.

All in all, it was a fun day. The snow made everything look so much more alive. Going on this tour was informative and I strongly suggest visiting these castles if you have time while visiting Romania.

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