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Monday, March 20, 2017

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My second to last day in Gran Canaria was spent aboard the catamaran, the Afrikat, with an outgoing crew. The excursion consisted of a five-hour catamaran ride, departing from the Puerto Rico port. It included unlimited non-alcoholic and alcoholic (beer and sangria) beverages, lunch, and a speed boat to some local caves. There were some addition services you could pay for as well such as a banana boat ride, jet ski rentals, and a donut ride. It was definitely one of the more relaxing, low-key days of my vacation.

Luckily on the day of the tour it was clear and sunny. The only thing in the sky were a few non-threatening clouds. I arrived to Puerto Rico by bus. I was staying in a town called Playa del Ingles, about twenty minutes west of Puerto Rico by car, forty minutes by bus. What was great about the island is how sound the bus system was. For Gran Canaria specifically, the buses run from 5am to 10pm every day. If you ever visit, the blue buses bring you from city to city while the yellow buses are the city ones.

The actual port was only ten minutes away from the bus station. Upon arrival, I was enthuasistically greeted by the attendant who introduced me to the captain and two crew members. In fact, once discovering that I was going to be the only American that was going to be on the trip my nickname became Ms. America.

What was so wonderful about the captain and the crew was that if felt as though you had been lifetime friends--it was a welcoming group.

The majority of the day was tranquil. After constantly being on the go, it was nice to just lie in the sun and drink sangrias.

The view was stunning as well. We had views of the pristine ocean as well as the detailed cliffs from the island. It was a calming environment.

About a quarter of a way through we stopped and had the oppurtunity to spend a few hours and just lie in the sun, visit the caves, and participate in the extra activities. I did the trips to the caves, the donut ride, and the jet skis. All of them were exhilarating, fun, and worth every penny.

For lunch, there were potatoes, salad, meatballs, bread, mixed vegetables, and caramelised sauce. It was a filling meal.

The trip ended with us going back to the harbour. I have to say this was my second favourite part of visiting Gran Canaria because it was just so chill. I got the oppurtunity to step back from reality and just enjoy the moment. There was awesome music to listen to, cool activities to participate in, and the chance to get to tan. What else could anyone want?

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