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Prague, Czech Republic

February 17, 2017-February 20, 2017

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My most recent adventure brought me to Prague in the Czech Republic. What intrigued me most about the city was its architecture. As I walked down its cobblestone streets, its vibrant, baroque-style buildings and gothic churches made the city come to life.

To get to this enchanting city, I endured a three hour train ride and a seven hour bus ride (totally my choice)—something the majority of people would choose not to do. It was a long journey, but worth it. Once arriving to city, I made my way over to an apartment in Old Town I reserved through AirBnB (a wonderful site that I will expand on in another post).

As a somewhat seasoned traveler, I tend to take part in at least one tour per city. Prague was no exception. I ended up booking three tours (I accidentally booked two of somewhat the same tour, but they ended up being very different). The first tour was an Alternative tour, which basically shows you the hidden gems of the city and is kept to a limit of ten people. We went to some legal graffiti zones, an alternative art museum, and even a local pub. Most cities have an alternative tour and I highly recommend them—I will actually make a blog post why I prefer them over mainstream tours later. The next tour was a Small Group Prague Tour. That was my favorite tour I went on. It consisted of just myself and my tour guide, but I learned about homosexuality in the Czech Republic, some of the outer neighborhoods, and even about the legalization of drugs in the country. For example, the majority of drugs in the Czech Republic are decriminalized. It was super informative and I recommend it (I have included links below of the tours). Finally, I went on a ghost tour. The ghost tour was not worth the money spent and I, quite frankly, do not recommend it to anyone that ends up visiting. The tour was not spooky and it was just bland. With all the tours combined, I learned a lot and honestly it made my time there a lot of fun.

Enough about tours though! The weather in Prague while I was there was perfect. It was sunny, around 45F/7C, and no wind. In a way you could say I was lucky. On the Sunday I was there, I ended up strolling through Petrinske Skalky. What I got to see were breathtaking views and an adorable fairytale museum. The lush greenery and sunny skies mad the long bus ride worth it.

One of my absolute favorite parts of traveling is food. I get to try new cuisines and restaurants. I use several applications to help me find yummy restaurants which I will include in another post. One of my most commonly used apps is Four Square, which is one that assists you at finding places to go to in a local area. Some of the foods I ate while in Prague include a carrot dog (a carrot in a hot dog bun) tomato and mozzarella Panini, a stuffed cheese and potato omelet with the Barn coffee (a coffee place in Berlin), and a scrumptious street cheeseburger.

You can’t have a trip without nightlife either! I was alone this trip, but sometimes that can be just as exhilarating. Prague is as stunning at night as it is during the day. On Saturday evening, it was bubbling with life. I was surrounded by young and old as well as tourists and locals. My first stop took me to a bar called Anonymous, named after the hacking group. I ordered a drink called the Doghouse, and it was delivered in, literally, a small wooden doghouse. The drink was as cleverly crafted as the name. There, I met another wanderer from France. She and I got talking and quickly connected. We ended up leaving and wandering around the city, eventually settling down in a hookah bar. There, I spent the rest of the evening before going back to my place. Walking around Prague on a Saturday night, you will encounter a vibe that moves with you throughout the night and makes you want to stay out until dawn.

Prague was a city blessed with eye-jarring architecture, rich history, and evolving culture. On my bus ride back to Germany, all I could think is how I will miss the vibe from Prague. The trip was fun and I was not ready to go home. I would and will be going back. I also recommend this city to any traveler out there.

I want to first off thank everyone for taking the time to visit my site and read my post. Please feel free to comment below and leave feedback. If you have any questions or concerns also email me or fill out a comment. Secondly, I mentioned a few blogs that will be coming to life soon—this will happen in the next few weeks. If you have any ideas or things you want to see, just let me know. Thirdly, please remember to tell your friends about the blog and sign up for my newsletter! Finally, just remember that if you ever need help planning a trip I offer those services as well.



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