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Welcome to Drop the Tent--a blog full of adventure! This first blog post is just going to be a run down of how the blog came to be.

I have been living in Germany for the past two years and have taken every oppurtunity I have had to travel. Although this blog does include camping, much of it will also incorporate hostels, hotels, and apartments as well (especially during winter). My goal is to share my adventures and give you insider tips, travel hacks, and awesome ideas of places to visits.

The name Drop the Tent came from my friend and I having to move my tent from my apartment to the yard.  Rather than taking it down (we were inside camping), we pushed it out the window and hence the name, Drop the Tent! 

I hope my introduction enticed you and that you continue to keep on coming back. I guarantee you that my blog will entertain, inspire, and leave you in awe. Until next time!



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